Before the sun sets | Montgomery County Family Photographer

Fresh air and a little family fun at the wildlife preserve while the sunset.

Last Sunday was one of those odd warm days in January that make you feel like you could put your winter gear away for the season and forget about it till next year. Of course I didn’t. I know mother nature is just teasing. Anyway I was looking around my house and realized my family should get outside and not let this warm day get away from us. We didn’t have much time (maybe an hour) the sun was already pretty low so we grabbed boots and coats and headed to the wildlife preserve around the corner from our house. I realize once we got there that my youngest was still in her pj’s. Oh well. Carpe Diem! Anyway a few of the kids protested because they didn’t want to go at all but as soon as we got there they forgot to be annoyed and spent the next hour running around, goofing off, jumping in puddles and taking turns with my camera. It was great. Sometimes you just need to be in an open field where you can see more of the sky. It is the best medicine to cure cabin fever.

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Winter Kid Olympics Backyard 2018 | North Wales Family Photographer


Ok so it’s not the real Olympics but I thought it would be fun to share these pictures from a few weeks ago. My kids and a couple of their friends took their “Squeeze the lemon” event very seriously. If you don’t remember playing this when you were a kid  here’s a quick reminder. Each kid takes a turn sitting at the end of the slide. Then the next kid slides down right into you and tries to knock you off. Then everyone tries, one after the other. If you can manage to stay on you win! They held on like champs and couldn’t stop laughing. Thanks to the extra padding in the snow suits there were no injuries just uncontrollable laughter for about an hour. They slept really, really well.



Family Fun at the Treweryn Farm Trail | Lower Gwynedd Family Photographer

Fun family Photography session at Treweryn Farm Trail. Lower Gywnedd, PA Family Photographer, Montgomery County Photography, Philadelphia Child Photographer

Every session has a few surprise moments. Besides dreamy light, they are what I live for as a photographer. So I was wandering through the woods with Joel, Sharon and their two kids. Their oldest child is Hannah, a vivacious 3 year old. After we finished with the majority of the photos we were hoping to get, I was about to turn off my camera and call it a day, when Hannah started giggling and busted out her happy dance! She was playing peek-a-boo and was boogieing right where she stood, no need for music. I have no idea what came over her but it was adorable, so of course I kept snapping away. It was awesome! She was so cute, flipping her hair around and, making the silliest faces. We were all laughing, including baby James. Check out the images below and enjoy a little childhood spontaneity!








Cross Estate Garden | Jockey Hollow, NJ |Waiting for baby Bunsa | Woodland Maternity Session

Nothing can match the excitement and expectations quite like the few months before a baby arrives!

This incredibly beautiful mother to be is Samantha. She and her husband Andrew are expecting their first child, a baby boy in early December. Nothing can match the excitement and expectations quite like the few months before a baby arrives! Samantha and I talked about the fun and interesting things that usually occupy your mind before a little one arrives.  Like how strange but amazing having a pregnant body is, what it will be like to go through delivery and how husbands deal with all the changes along with us. There is something so wonderfully human & miraculous about it all. Samantha was so much fun to talk with as we moved around looking for pretty little nooks to shoot in. She was glowing the whole time. It is not a myth! If your lucky enough to feel well, the joy that radiates while you carry a child somehow makes you glow.


I have known Samantha and her family for years. They are the kind of friends that somehow feel more like family. I’ve also gotten a little more acquainted with Andrew’s family now that this little baby is bringing more people together. With all that said I happen to know how  incredibly loving and supportive both families are and that this little boy is one lucky little guy to become a part of it all.

Andrew and Samantha, I am so happy for you both and can’t wait to meet your precious  little one.

Love, Dori

Bucks County Family Photographer | Sunshine and the Delaware River


There must have been a trail of broken hearts left in NY when the Pedone family decided to move to PA. They came here to Bucks County pursuing their dreams of spending more time with their kids in the great outdoors. I suggested we meet up in Lambertville, NJ just across the Delaware River from Bucks county for their annual family photo session. It was a gorgeous day and we spent most of our time just hanging out and exploring. Besides running, chasing birds, and foraging for forest treasures (think rocks and sticks people) we also checked out an abandoned train car along the canal. Enjoy a few favorites from our day along the canal and I am sure you’ll agree this place suits them and I for one and beyond happy they are here.

Welcome to PA Pedones!


Fun with Siblings | Evansburg State Park | Collegeville Family Photographer

September is on of my favorite months of the year. This is partly due to the occasional crispy cool day mixed in among the warmer days tapering off at the end of summer.  This month is also my favorite because it’s the beginning of family photography season! I recently met with the Fisher family for their annual family shoot. I get excited every year to see them because getting to see kids grow and change through the years is a special side perk to this job. I’ve been doing their family photo sessions for over 5 years! The kids had so much fun running through the woods of Evansburg State Park. They found sticks, bugs, rocks and pine cones. There’s a lot of adventure to be found in the woods not least of which would be attacks from a stick wielding baby sister!  There was a lot of giggling and running around. It was one of those perfect September evenings with pretty light, a beautiful setting and kids just being kids. If you are interested in seeing how these cuties have grown and changed over the years check out last years  Family Session.

Rustic Barn Wedding | Norristown, PA Wedding Photographer

DSC_7806In July I shot a really fun laid back wedding for Melissa and Geoff. They chose this beautiful barn set on a little hillside in Norristown, Pennsylvania for the event. It was one of the hottest days of the summer but that didn’t take away from all the fun and excitement. This crew knows how to have a good time! Besides being sweltering hot, it poured rain and then later on the clouds finally broke and the sun streamed through. No one batted an eyelash because they were too busy celebrating. This day was about love, fun and family. No one is going to remember the heat or the rain. I think they will just remember how much fun they had and how in love the bride and groom were and what more can you ask for.

Congratulations Geoff and Melissa!
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Peace Valley|Bucks County, PA | Wissahickon H.S. Senior Photographer

Our conversation covered everything from growing up, to what it’s like being in High School and all the adventures ahead for someone just graduating

I had an amazing afternoon shooting with Jasmine. We chatted easily while exploring Peace Valley Park in Bucks County, Pa. Our conversation covered everything from growing up, to what it’s like being in High School and all the adventures ahead for someone just graduating. I gotta say I reminisced quite a bit about my own high school years and it’s amazing how recent they feel. I am excited for Jasmine and all that lies ahead. I know she will be amazing at whatever she decides to pursue.

Congratulations Jasmine!!!

Class of 2017

Long Beach Island Maternity Photographer | Gorgeous mama-to-be

This past January I drove down to the New Jersey Shore to meet up with a friend and her sister for a maternity session. Most people imagine a beach session filled with warm glowing sunlight and blue skies. This wasn’t the case. This particular day in January was gray and freezing with heavy clouds looming overhead. It wasn’t cold enough for those clouds to release snow, just cold enough to leave an ache in all your extremities.

Much like the day that surrounded us, Clare carries a heavy burden and I don’t mean the baby boy that she will soon bring into the world. The burden Clare carries is one of grief. This gorgeous mother-to-be lost her husband, Juan Carlos, this past October. Despite the freezing cold, the gray skies and the painful absence of her most beloved husband, Clare stood in the midst of it all and smiled, cradling the baby boy in her belly.  She became all the color and the warmth this day was lacking. I will let the images tell you the rest.
~ Clare you are an inspiration. Your baby boy is so very lucky he’s going to have you as a mama.

Much love,